tea at Char-Chars

Welcome to Char-Chars! We are a modern Tea house that is dedicated to making higher quality teas more accessible, enhancing the experience by serving them in the manner they were meant to be enjoyed.

Afterall, we are a nation of tea drinkers – consuming over 165 millions cups a day, but alot of it is poor quality in teabags. As a result we miss out on many of the health benefits good quality large leaf tea provides. For example Green Tea gives you energy whilst herbal infusions help us to relax. Puerh and Oolong Teas aid high blood pressure and cholesterol whilst our Black and Fragrant Teas help stimulate the mind.

In our busy lifestyles we tend to compromise taste for speed but with the right tea ware, making a good cuppa can be as easy as using a tea bag!

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